Bookshop is something of a misnomer, because in addition to Christian books, Bibles, and children’s books we also stock Christian CD’s, jewellery and many other items. There is a wonderful array of cards, either with or without biblical texts, for all occasions. There are many Christian crafts from around the world on sale. We purchase goods from Tear Craft, The Leprosy Mission, Bible Lands Society, and Toy Box crafts (a charity which provides for the needs of the street children of Guatemala). among others.

Please consider visiting us to use the bookshop (refurbished and enlarged 2008-9) and support the vision God gave us so many years ago. One more thing, the vision is not yet complete. There will be more challenges for us in the days ahead. Please pray that many lives will be blessed through the Bookshop’s ministry.

We are happy to order goods for individuals and Churches. Also, the bookshop team are only too pleased to support conferences held within the local area.

We count it a privilege to serve The Lord in this way, by providing God’s Word and good Christian literature to the surrounding locality.

Why not visit us and browse, and perhaps enjoy a cup of coffee in our adjoining coffee shop?