The Youth Room

Upstairs is a room designed for the youth and young at heart. Sit in a modern surrounding, enjoy coffee and a cake in the room with a view.

The Prayer Room

This room is available when The Rock is open for those who want a time of quiet reflection and prayer. Through our weekly prayer team we offer prayer for any situation for anyone who requests it.

The Conference Room


This room accommodates approximately 20 people and is ideal for church group retreats or any Christian conference. It can be booked for mornings or afternoons, or the whole day. For further details, please contact the managers.

We prepare the seating to your requirements: around the boardroom table, open circle for discussion groups, or rows for presentations. Your group leader can use bring a projector (there is a 8’ x 8’ pull down screen) or connect directly to a large flat screen TV, as well as use a flipchart or whiteboard.

The Conference room now hosts, on permanent display, two original “Revival Edition” newspapers. In 1905, the Evening Express newspaper, based in Cardiff, published, on a weekly basis, six special editions, devoted solely to the events of the revival. The newspapers tell about the revival, and places it in the historical and social context of Wales and the world. Visit the exhibition to read of the miracle of how the newspapers came to us.

Please note that we have not presented the newspapers on the website because, like many objects over a hundred years old, they are very fragile, and flash photography would accelerate their deterioration. While all are welcome to see the exhibition, we must insist that, for the benefit of future visitors, no one is allowed to photograph the newspapers.